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November 17th 2020

Planet Woman is Kamloops, BC’s go-to women’s gym with two locations for your convenience that are open 24 hours a day. With state-of-the-art equipment, clean facilities, friendly, highly trained, and experienced staff, Planet Woman welcomes women who are at any stage of their fitness journey.

As such, it is only normal to have sore muscles a few days after a workout, regardless of its intensity. Whether you are trying something new, coming back to the gym after an extended period away, participating in a tough class or maybe overextending yourself in a workout, sore muscles are oftentimes just part of the process.

There are ways to quickly recover from sore muscles — or prevent them from happening in the first place.

Warming up

Warming up before a workout will help prevent injury and increase the body’s core and muscle temperature.

Once you have warmed up your muscles, it helps increase energy production and decrease the time it takes to contract muscles which, in turn, will prevent muscles from being much sorer later.


Stretching your muscles after your workout is much more beneficial than doing so beforehand. After exercise, stretching your muscles after a workout boosts recovery and releases stress and tension from your body.


While it might seem obvious, hydrating before, during and after your workout will help your muscles recover much quicker. Water keeps fluid moving through your body and will help prevent inflammation and, in turn, reduce workout muscle soreness.


While it is entirely up to personal preference, eating at least a half-hour before or after a workout will help prevent muscle soreness.

Eating before a workout can help improve your performance while doing so after exercising will help your muscles repair and speed up the recovery process.

Food that is high in protein will provide amino acids in rebuilding your muscles while carbohydrates will replenish the fuel your muscles used during a workout.


A post-workout massage is a great way for your body to release toxins your muscles produce during an intense workout. While a deep tissue massage might trigger more soreness, a classic Swedish massage focuses on muscle relaxation and relieving tension.’

Over-the-counter medications

Anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen and naproxen, work to prevent the body from developing prostaglandins post-workout, although they should only be taken occasionally as frequent use of painkillers can reduce muscle growth.

Other anti-inflammatory topical muscle pain relievers like A535, Tiger Balm or Icy Hot may provide relief from muscle pain before and after a workout.


Not only is sleep a crucial component to our everyday lives and rejuvenating our bodies daily, but a good night’s sleep also helps restore and recharge your muscles.

Non–rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep boosts the creation of new proteins, which repairs damaged muscles. At least seven hours of sleep per night will help your body recover and recharge after a workout.

Planet Woman Tips

At Planet Woman, we are more than happy to walk you through additional tips and safety precautions to minimize sore muscles after a workout while you are here! Our friendly staff and trainers are here to answer any questions you might have throughout your fitness journey.

Come by our two locations — in Brock and in Valleyview — to try our facilities and our wide range of fitness classes that suit your needs!