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Personal Training

Planet Woman Ladies Fitness is the only facility in Kamloops that is open 24 hours/day 7 days a week! We have two fitness centers in the city - one in Valleyview and one in Brock. At both of our gym locations in Kamloops, our customers have access to customized membership plans, professional and certified personal trainers, the most up to date fitness equipment and amenities, and much more!

At our Planet Woman Kamloops locations, we have learned that personal fitness plans can be more effective and long-lasting. We are here to support you in successfully meeting, and surpassing your fitness goals. We recommend you start with one of our certified personal trainers, especially if you are new to the gym, or haven’t been in a while. Why? Because fitness safety and training techniques, gym equipment, and knowledge about the body, change rapidly, and we want to know you are getting the most out of your workouts. It's no fun walking into a gym and not knowing where to start. Our personal trainers will be able to help you get started on your fitness journey.

Benefits of Personal Trainers

personal trainer is your partner on the road to increased fitness. With the hectic pace of our lives today, you can’t afford to spend hours at the gym without results. A personal trainer will educate you on proper form, balance, safety and nutrition. You will gain valuable knowledge on a workout regime that is in line with your body type and fitness goals. Trainers hold you accountable to your fitness goals through real, measured progress and a standing appointment at the gym. On days when you feel like you just can’t, your trainer is there to remind you that you CAN! A qualified trainer can ensure your workout doesn’t aggravate any nagging injuries, and can help prevent any new ones by making sure you know the right way to train.

Individual Fitness Training Plan

While it’s true we all have the same physiology and there is no such thing as “women’s workouts” and “men’s workouts,” women often have very different health and fitness goals than their male counterparts. Typically, women have different “problem areas” and concerns, not to mention different lifestyle considerations. A program designed for a man hoping to build muscle mass will not fit the needs of a woman hoping to lose pounds and shed inches. Women are not just smaller men! Working with a trainer who understands the differences in training women and men is the key to achieving your fitness goals.

Pushing the Boundaries

Having different training goals than men doesn’t mean that women can’t train hard! Once schooled in proper technique and proper rest between sets, women are often amazed at how quickly they become stronger, faster and lighter. Just when you think you can’t do any more, your trainer will work with you to push yourself that little bit harder. And then at your next session, your trainer will push you a little bit more.

Planet Woman Trainers

All of our friendly personal trainers are BCRPA or CFES certified and have experience creating custom programs to suit each client’s specific needs. We can assess your strengths and weaknesses, help you set goals, and provide feedback and accountability. The personal trainers at Planet Woman can start you on your path to success.

Your individual program will start with an evaluation of your goals and body type. Your trainer will then design a customized training program and nutrition plan that is just right for your needs. Understanding why certain exercises work, how to eat correctly and how to boost your self-confidence and determination will allow you to push yourself many steps further than you think you can go. Your trainer will empower you to continue your healthy behaviours when you are ready to work out on your own.