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October 30th 2020

When was the last time you made it to the gym? Is it something you have been meaning to get to, but just do not have the time? At Planet Woman, we can walk through your fitness goals and map out a journey with you to get you back on track to where you want to be.

We understand how easy it is to make excuses for putting exercise on hold, and you are certainly not alone in doing so. 

Here are a few reasons that are used when it comes to putting off fitness, and how you can back in the saddle.

  1. Time constraints

Oftentimes, the biggest reason for not going to the gym is the excuse of not having enough time. Whether it’s the morning and you don’t want to wake up early before hitting the gym, or after work and you’re too tired or have errands to run, the idea of going to the gym becomes less appealing.  

Planet Woman is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, which means you do not have to rush out the door to get here before we close to have a fulfilling workout. 


Everything costs money these days, and a gym membership is no exception. As such, fitting in another expense into your monthly budget can feel daunting, although it does not have to be. 

Planet Woman’s memberships are affordable and can be customized to your specific fitness level and journey. 


Going to the gym, especially when you are new at it, can be intimidating. From unfamiliar equipment to feeling self-conscious around others, it can take some time getting used to new surroundings, equipment, and people. 

However, as Planet Woman is your go-to, Ladies only gym in Kamloops, you will be surrounded by supportive friends and trainers who will walk with you through each step of the way. In addition to having a solid support group, we also offer classes such as full-body HIIT, full-body blast, Saturday morning blast, and body pump classes. Our fitness classes are uniquely designed to help you achieve your fitness objective with the utmost flexibility and relaxation.

At Planet Woman, you will be in the company of like-minded people and fully trained fitness trainers who will be more than happy to get you acclimatized in a gym-like setting.

To that end, here are some tips to help get you back in the swing of things at the gym.


  1. Work with a highly trained expert

Going back to the gym after continuously brushing it off takes some time to readjust, which is why you need to start slowing so you do not hurt yourself.  Consulting with our professionals will help move you in the right direction with a plan that is suitable to your fitness levels. Our trainers are here to help you throughout your journey individually or through our classes, which are included with your gym membership.

 Be gentle 

After an extended period away from the gym, it is only natural to want to go in with full force, but you could end up injured by doing that. Take it slow to start and allow your body to adapt to new adjustments as time goes on. Start with minimal workouts as you build momentum, and do not hesitate to seek help if a particular exercise is not working for you.


  1. Readjust your goals

Starting a new exercise routine will lead to setting or readjusting your goals, so as time goes on you will readjust your goals as you best see fit.  Set small goals to start with and readjust or increase them as you gradually surpass them so that you are continually working towards something attainable. By working with an expert personal trainer, you are in a better position to rethink your goals and work towards them. You will find motivation as you take note of the small successes that you would have ignored. 


  1. Try something new 

Playing it safe at the gym will not always lead to the results you are looking for, so having an open mind will also help you meet your goals. For example, trying one of our fitness classes will give you the chance to learn something new and meet new people. At the gym, you want to be able to challenge your body beyond its comfort zone. Trying something new will also lead to discovering something that you may not know about yourself. 

 Here at Planet Woman, our ladies-only gym in Kamloops,  go-to safe exercise haven. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we are there for you every step of the way.  We can answer any questions you might have about fitness and your exercise goals thanks to our highly trained fitness experts that will give you long-lasting and effective results.