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Looking for a gym that suits all your workout and fitness goals can become an uphill task. At Planet Woman Fitness Kamloops we know how tough to choose a gymnasium that gets you. That's why our focus goes beyond fitness. Our gym solely focuses on women and offers them a vast array of weights, cardio, tanning, and much more. Within our facility, you are most likely to find what suits you all under one roof. To ensure that women feel good about themselves and get into the right body shape, we have a new class led by a professional personal trainer. Planet woman fitness is a gymnasium in Kamloops that now provides body bump classes. Here's all you need to know about available body pump classes.

What is the body pump?

Are you wondering what body pump fitness workout entail? It's a barbell workout routine for any person who's looking for a lean and toned physique. It's a chance to use light or moderate weights, which involves lots of repetition. It's an exercise routine that lasts 55 minutes that offers you the total body workout. It's also an excellent chance to burn lots of calories, thus leaving you motivated and psyched.

Everything you need to know about body pump classes

If you are wondering what the typical class will be like, here is a gist of what's to come once you sign up for the gym classes. In each category, you'll have to use a step to support your back, a set of weights, and a bar. The fitness class is for any person; thus, you don't have to shy off if you are a beginner. For all the first-time class participants, you get to start with light weights. After a few classes, you will get the hang of it and choose the bar weights that are ideal for you. All our workout classes get designed to enable one to achieve the various muscle group targets to get the full body work out.


The beauty of our body inspired full-body barbell workout is that it's always a fun workout routine. There's no need to hate any group fitness classes, nor do you have to feel ridiculous or out of place. It's a chance to enjoy the workout routine seamlessly. Here's why you need to try it out.

It’s motivating

Exercising might not be everyone's cup of tea. Some often have a challenging time sticking to a given routine and give up as soon as one started. However, with body pump fitness, you can predict the method. There's a spectacular synergy that emanates when the whole class is working towards the same beat. The choreography is simply amazing as your trainer gets to show you the next routine in precise timing. Group synergy enables one to build momentum and get into the fitness workout zone all through.

Boost your mental health

At planet woman fitness, we don’t focus on the physical aspect of exercising only. We know that different individuals often struggle through various life issues. More often than not, life hassles can take a significant toll on one's health. That's why we have introduced the engaging workout class to enable participants to boost their mental health. The personal trainer and instructor often play a crucial role in inspiring and encouraging each class attendant. Thus, one stands to leave the class much better than how they joined it.

Avoid injury

Working out on your might at times be a disaster in waiting. However, with a personal instructor to guide you, you get to reduce the risk of injuring yourself significantly. Our professional trained instructor will always be there to check on your posture. Thus, ensure that your core is top-notch as it's the foundation of all the workout. You also stand to benefit from the right technique right from the word go. It's also a chance to work with a trainer who'll gradually take you through the class without overdoing it.

Anyone can do it

The beauty of having a customized workout class is that anyone can do it. Our trained instructor will walk you through the various weights until you find the one that suits you. Our classes, as well as choreography, get based on science. That's not all. It also gets based on what will work for each person's physiology. As you incorporate the weights into your life, you also get to mingle with other people. Get to break any barriers that seem to hold you back as the group fitness structure grounds you and keeps you accountable. Seeing other people lift weights is also motivating, and thus you always get to push yourself to be better. 

When the class is available

Are you excited about joining the program now? The planet woman fitness will be running the classes every week. The beauty of these classes is that it gets included in your gym membership. Get ready to mingle with other class participants who'll be joining the program. The exercise class will be under the watchful eye of your class instructor and personal trainer, Kairah. The workout class will run every Monday, from 6 pm to 7 pm. Thus, get into the ideal body toning routine that you long for always.

If you are yet to join our body pump class, you are missing out a lot. Join the fitness program now and stand to enjoy the customized workout. That's not all you'll also be in the hands of expert trainers who specialize in women's exercise. Thus, get to achieve the ideal body pump workout to build a healthy and robust body. Contact us now for any inquires about the next fitness classes that you would like to join.

This class happens:
Monday, 6-7pm

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