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November 22nd 2017

As winter gets closer and the snow begins falling, Planet Woman Ladies Fitness in Kamloops and Merritt want to share some info about common reasons why people exercise less in winter. This change in the seasons can make it difficult to get out your door to either go for a jog or get to the gym. You might attribute that to a lack of discipline and get down on yourself – but you don't need to do that! There are real reasons why it's harder to get out in winter. We will be sharing a few of them here because we believe that with education about what is happening you will know better what you're battling against and be prepared to win!

This article is the first of three about the challenges, solutions, and benefits of exercising in winter. Keep watching our blog for the next two!

Circadian Rhythm

Circadian Rhythm is like an internal clock that runs in the background of your brain. It cycles you between sleepiness and alertness every day. One major factor that can affect that rhythm is light. When it starts getting darker earlier, your brain may start making you sleepy a little earlier in the day as well as keeping you sleepy a little longer in the morning. This is normal, but it makes getting up early in the morning and staying energetic in the evening a little more difficult!


Related to the circadian rhythm is the naturally occurring hormone, melatonin. This hormone encourages drowsiness and is produced in greater quantities when you are in the dark! In the winter world where it's dark in the morning and on your drive home from work, it will probably be natural for your body to produce more of this.

"Snuggle Up" Mentality

The two difficulties mentioned above can't be avoided – they’re natural! What they create is something that could be called the "snuggle up" mentality. We've all felt it before! We get home from a long day of work, have dinner, then don't want to do anything except snuggle up on the couch with a great book or a TV series.

Natural Reaction to Cold

You might even try to fight these natural difficulties by trying to just suck it up and get outside. You quickly find as you walk out the door that it's cold! Your body's natural reaction will be to get back inside – and quickly! Why would you ever want to go outside in this weather? And if you're more of a gym-goer, then suiting up for the drive to the gym might be enough to wreck your motivation.

Winter Clothing

It doesn't take much time searching around online to see that there are lots of recommendation for what to wear when you want to continue an outdoor exercise routine. Realizing you don't have all the recommended clothing to stay safe could be daunting! On top of that, it's easy to reason that if it's cold outside then all the gyms will be overcrowded – and going to an overcrowded gym in winter might not be an attractive alternative.

With two locations in Kamloops and two locations in Merritt, Planet Woman won't be a crowded gym. Come on in and check it out with our free first time day pass on our Gym Membership page! We'll help you find ways past these forces of nature holding you back from exercising in winter!