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July 22nd 2021

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to fitness, but when it comes to starting out, too many options can make taking that first step to wellness seem more daunting than it needs to be. At Planet Woman Fitness in Kamloops, we provide gym access 24/7, so that no matter your schedule, fitting in exercise at one of our gyms is simple and convenient. With two locations to choose from in Kamloops and 24 hour a day access, there is no excuse not to exercise. Planet Woman is a non-judgmental, safe place for all women no matter their fitness level. With a wide variety of exercise machines, cardio equipment, and strength equipment, starting out has never been easier.

Walking into an unfamiliar gym for the first time can be intimidating. We want to take away the fear factor. We welcome you to come check out our fitness facilities and chat about your goals. Contact Us or drop in next time you’re close by. We’d also like to introduce you to a few beginner-friendly exercise machines that will help ease you into achieving your fitness goals.

Rowing Machine

It’s always a good idea to warm up your muscles and get your heart pumping before starting your workout and rowing machines will do just that. They also provide a great workout all on their own, providing a low-impact beginner-friendly option that fires up your whole body. Have a seat, fasten your feet in the loops, grab the handlebar, engage your core, relax your shoulders, and begin to push with your feet while simultaneously pulling on the handlebars. Start slow until you get the rhythm and then try to go a little quicker while maintaining a steady motion. This is one of the best exercise machines for a heart-pumping warm-up, a moderate- to high-intensity cardio session, and a full-body workout.

Leg Press Machine

As far machines go, it doesn’t get more simple than the leg press machine, which mimics a basic squat while protecting the user from knee and lower back strain when used properly. Set the weight that provides enough resistance to make your muscles feel it. It should feel difficult, but not impossible, to complete 10 reps in your first set. Aim for at least three sets, and don’t forget to engage your core while completing each press. Keep your legs hip distance apart and raise and lower the plate slowly each time, maintaining control throughout each movement. Feel free to adjust the weight until you find the one that feels right. This is your workout, so make it work for you. If you need help, don’t be shy to ask.

Chest Press Machine

The benefits of push-ups are huge, but if you aren’t ready to attempt a complete push-up on the ground, consider using a chest press machine. It will help you work the muscles of your upper body and set you on the right path to performing full push-ups with ease. Lay back on the bench, keeping your arms a little wider than shoulder width. Push up slowly and with control. Once again, this should not feel easy, so continue to play with the weight until you find the right resistance to challenge yourself while performing 10-12 reps.


Cardio, mobility, improved balance, and a whole-body workout. These are all benefits of an elliptical machine. There are many options as far as intensity levels and resistance, so mixing up your warmup/cool down/workout is easy with an elliptical machine. If the options are overwhelming choose one of the pre-set programs to start. And once again, never be afraid to ask for help. Our friendly employees are well-informed and always willing to assist clients.

Biceps Bar

With a cable biceps bar, you can increase the strength of your biceps while staying in control of the motion and thereby getting the most benefit from each rep. Make sure to select a weight that is challenging, but doable for 10-12 reps. As you increase your visits to the gym, don’t be afraid to try going up a few pounds. You won’t know how far you’ve come if you don’t challenge yourself.

We hope you’ve found these examples of exercise machines for beginners helpful, but for even more help planning the best workout to meet your goals, consider booking a session with one of our Personal Trainers. We are here to support you in successfully meeting, and surpassing your fitness goals. We recommend you start with one of our certified personal trainers, especially if you are new to the gym, or haven’t been in a while.