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August 18th 2021

At Planet Woman Fitness, we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and with two Kamloops gym locations, we are always close by and convenient. We understand that between COVID restrictions, heat, and smoke many local women have been trying their best to maintain at-home exercise routines, but it’s not always easy to stay focused and motivated at home, so we want to share some benefits of committing to a gym membership and using it.


There are a few among us who enjoy working out alone and are able to effectively challenge themselves without an accountability partner, or two. But for most of us, working out has a social aspect that just can’t be found at home alone. Whether you need a cheering squad, a drill sergeant, or a friendly chat to get you through the last tough reps, working out at a gym is a great place to expand your social circle while you are being continually challenged and inspired.

Personal Trainers

Whether you are new to exercising or are a lifelong gym rat, utilizing the services of a personal trainer can help you increase your gains and help you get the most out of your workouts. Our personal trainers will design a fitness program customized just for you to help you meet your fitness goals and blast past any plateaus you are experiencing.


Even the most decked-out at-home gym doesn’t have nearly the equipment that’s available at either of our Kamloops Planet Woman Fitness locations. As a member of our club, you have full use of over 30 cardio machines, large strength equipment area and free weights, a 2,000 sq ft aerobics floor for stretching and exercising as well as amenities such as HD televisions and full body vibration machines. We also have free parking and WiFi, but no kids hogging the remote or interrupting your workout to get them snacks, so you’ll feel right at home – only better.

More Gains

Working out at home is hard. There are distractions everywhere, always chores that need to be done, and so many other things pulling you away from your goals. When you hit the gym, you’re there for one purpose, and that is to work out. There is nothing to pull you away or distract you from your goals, therefore having a gym membership is an excellent way to help keep you on track and ensure you meet and then beat your fitness goals.

If you're looking for a women's only gym in Kamloops, check out our Membership Page to learn more, then drop in at our Brock or Valleyview locations with any questions you might have!