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January 31st 2020

Let’s face it. Staying in shape is hard. Getting back in shape is even harder. At Planet Woman Fitness in Kamloops we have highly trained female personal trainers dedicated to helping you look and feel your best — safely. We are a Kamloops gym made up exclusively of women with a female-only clientele. We understand your needs and want to support you every step of the way.

One way our personal trainers will support you is helping you avoid injuries while on your fitness journey. However, when you’re exercising somewhere else, here are six tips and tricks to ensure your time at the gym is injury-free.

Warm Up Properly

A proper warm up is necessary to increase blood flow across the muscles. It also increases the temperature of our bodies, making us more mobile and flexible as we train further. Taking a light spin on one of our cycling machines, jogging, stretching and stair climbing are recommended ways to warm up before your workout.

Hire a Personal Trainer

If you have just ventured into the fitness world, and have no idea about how to begin a new workout routine, then perhaps a personal trainer is the ideal solution for you. Not only will a personal trainer come up with a personalized exercise routine just for you, they will also help you achieve your fitness goals with the least probability of injuries. For more on starting out, read our popular blog post: Set Realistic Fitness Goals. Come into either of our Kamloops locations and inquire about our amazing female only personal trainers as well as the fitness classes at our Brock location.

Switch up Your Fitness Routine

Changing up your daily exercise regime can help you avoid boredom and also help prevent overuse injuries. The muscles of our body experience fatigue and have a higher risk of injuries if we keep using them excessively. It’s better to divide the whole week into Ab Day, Leg Day, Arm Day, etc. so you can achieve an overall toned look without risking overuse injuries. If you’re looking for workout inspiration, check out a few of our blog posts featuring a variety of workouts, including Exercise Your Angel Wings Away and Planks — the core exercise we all love to hate.

Improper Workout Techniques

Excessive twisting and heavy weight lifting in certain postures can rip, pull, or even tear delicate muscle fibres, or worse, it’s even possible to injury your spinal cord and suffer serious injury. This is why we have professional personal trainers in place to ensure you are safely accomplishing your fitness goals. It’s important to educate yourself about various exercise techniques and the absolute dos and don’ts. When safety is at the forefront, getting help from a professional is crucial. To learn more about why a women’s only gym is the right choice for you, read our blog post Benefits of a Women Only Gym in Kamloops.

Eat a Balanced Diet and Hydrate

It’s not just the outside that you have to worry about. Keeping your body healthy and fit from the inside should be your ultimate goal. When undergoing a rigorous workout schedule, aim for a high protein and low-fat diet. Consume eggs, meat, fish, or even protein shakes. Drink ample amounts of water and plain sugar-free fluids to replenish your body’s water sources. For tips on how to ensure you are getting enough iron, read Pump Iron.

Listen to Your Body and Let Your Muscles Recover

If your limbs ache and the soreness is not going away even after 48 hours, you need to evaluate your exercise routines thoroughly. These are signals that your body needs rest to recover from the fatigue and soreness from training. If you think you might benefit from help, please reach out to one of our knowledgeable trainers. It’s okay to take a break or slow down in order to prevent potentially serious injuries from hampering your progress.

We know you are committed to getting and staying fit and that you don’t want to be slowed down by injury. We can help make sure you stay safe and on track. Contact us or visit us at our Valleyview or Brock Planet Woman Ladies Fitness location to find out what we can do for you! We are looking forward to joining you on your fitness journey.