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July 26th 2017

Planet Woman Fitness has women only gyms running year-round in Kamloops and Merritt. Living in these communities, we know as well as you that getting to the gym is tough when it's beautiful and warm outside. There is a lot to explore in our province – and exploration is easiest to do in summer! With mountains, lakes, and parks everywhere to do your camping, hiking, paddling, and relaxing, the excuses to skip out on the gym pile up quickly! So we're going to balance out that list of excuses with a list of 5 reasons to get to the gym

Strength and Balance

The outdoors are great, but strength training is necessary to stay fit. The strength and balance you maintain during the summer will help keep you prepared for anything you encounter on your next hike. You will avoid injuries more easily and have the stamina to do whatever it is you have plans to do. You will be in top shape for your week-long backpacking trip instead of wondering how you're going to get up that next slope!

Air Conditioning

Going for a jog in the extreme summer heat of a place like Kamloops can be daunting. Many runners have taken the hot, summer season off for that reason. Even on a hike, where tons of shade is provided by trees, it's tough to escape the heat in BC. If you want an alternative, come to Planet Woman! We have air conditioning in all of our gym locations that will help keep you from overheating.

Quiet Gyms

In the summer months, active people want to get outside. If you're wanting to get to the gym, this may be a bonus for you! Our gyms can be much quieter during the warm hours of every day. For you that means no more waiting for your turn on a machine and no crowded areas. You may be able to get your workout finished quicker so you can get out to the lake for an evening.

Burning Off Summer Treats (You Can Eat More!)

Cardio is great for burning calories, but cardio only burns calories when you're working out. When you have more muscle mass, your body's metabolism keeps running fast even when you're at rest. This means that if you keep up your summer training, you can enjoy more of your summer treats and food! You will be able to treat yourself to an ice cream on the occasional hot, summer day without hesitation - instead of avoiding ice cream altogether.

Keeping a Routine

Here's what will happen if you work hard until June and then plan to get right back into it in September: it will be way harder than you think. High intensity workouts are tough to do – so routines help you keep doing them. Keeping your routine throughout the year means that you won't have to start over each Autumn. When you see everyone else struggling to get back into their regular work out, you'll be able to burn through your solid, tested routine.

You won't regret getting to the gym in summer. Whether your reason is to stick with what you've had going on in the spring, enjoy the air conditioning, keep yourself in good shape for outdoor activities, or any other reason, you'll feel great when you walk out of our doors. And to top it all off, you'll look fantastic in a swimsuit!